• Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Firm faith, useful knowledge, expansive civilized communication.


We aim at promoting the role of the mosque in terms of spirituality, knowledge, and behaviour. Our end is to build bridges of communication with other nations based on moderation and tolerance. We adopt for this purpose advanced and innovative programs, methods, and means through a team qualified for engaging in the service of the country and society.

Objectives of Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque & Center

Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque & Centre in Dubai is an icon of Arab and Islamic culture that aims at spreading the Islamic values of moderation, peace, mercy and high morality. It is meant to establish an interfaith dialogue at the spiritual and intellectual levels among the adherents of Abrahamic religions, whether in the United Arab Emirates, the Arab Region, or the world at large, through the following means:

  • Presenting a simple and correct image of Islam to the world;
  • Educating Muslims about the greatness of Islam, the majesty of their creed, the rulings of their religion, the unique station of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his blessed teachings and exalted standard of character;
  • Refuting common misconceptions about Islam by placing it in a correct light and presenting its true essence to non-Muslims without extremism or religiously condemned innovation;
  • Calling people for noble morality, following in the steps of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him);
  • Paying sufficient attention and care to the affairs of Muslims everywhere, providing them with assistance with regard to faith, worship and behaviour, and helping them with their problems.


We abide by the set of common values that will forever remain our primary reference and the foundation of our progress toward creating a strategy that actualizes our mission at all levels:

  • Moderation
  • Leadership
  • Partnership
  • Innovation
  • Corporate work