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Al Farooq Omar bin Al Khattab Mosque and Center in Dubai Organizes an Event Titled "We Make No Distinction Between Any of His Messengers"


Al Farooq Omar bin Al Khattab Mosque and Center (AFMC) organized an event titled "We Make No Distinction Between Any of His Messengers" in Dubai, in the presence of his Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Sayyed Al Hashemi, advisor for judicial and religious affairs at the Ministry of the Presidential Court, and Sheikh Dr. Fares Al-Mustafa, religious and cultural advisor, AFMC, Dubai.

The event held at V Hotel, Al Habtoor City was attended by Father Mina Hanna, pastor of the Coptic Church of the miraculous Saint Mina, rabbi Levi Duchman, representative of the Jewish community in Dubai, His Excellency Akio Isomata, Ambassador of Japan to the UAE, His Excellency Frank Egemann, Consul General of Switzerland in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, and a number of representatives of consulates and foreign communities in the country.

Abdul Salam Al Marzooqi, General Manager, AFMC, welcomed the guests on behalf of the ceremony's sponsor, Khalaf bin Ahmed Al Habtoor. "We held this event to spread the values of tolerance that the United Arab Emirates promotes by consolidating the values of love and peaceful coexistence between different cultures, languages, races and nationalities. We are keen, at AFMC, to spread the values of Islam: moderation, peace, mercy, good manners, and spiritual and intellectual communication among all followers of the monotheistic religions," said Al Marzooqi.

His Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Sayyed Al-Hashemi stressed in his speech on the concept of tolerance: "Tolerance has an impact on the joint advocacy work between religions and religious laws, and opens a wide window on all humanity, which is considered an absolute precedent inspired by the the meaning of the verse, 'We make no distinction between any of His Messengers'."

He pointed out that moderation and modesty are two beloved qualities that God Almighty bestows upon whomever He wills of His servants, and that they guarantee peaceful coexistence and foster goodness for the individual and society. He urged to argue in the best way, and to implore God for wisdom and good advice, as this is the guarantee for more stability, peace, tolerance, coexistence and cooperation, adding: "This is the approach taken by the United Arab Emirates."

Sheikh Dr. Fares Al-Mustafa talked about the relationship between the monotheistic religions, explaining that all of them called for their adherents to educate people on the culture of love and peace. "All prophets spread the message of worshipping the only God and serving the human being. The peoples of the world seek peace, and all the prophets' messages were based on peace," he added.

He talked about the common features among the followers of the three monotheistic religions emphasizing the importance of communication between those believers. He stressed that it was a divine demand and a human necessity, referring to the common denominators that constitute the essence of the call of Muhammad, Jesus and Moses, peace be upon them.

This event is one of many activities organized regularly by AFMC to bring together the followers of monotheistic religions, in an effort to promote religious events that establish the correct meanings of coexistence between religions.